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Ants . Borer . Cockroaches . Flies . Fleas . Rats . Mice . Spiders
Wasps . Bee’s* . Carpet Beetle . Bed Bugs . Mosquitoes . Moths Pantry & more
*Bee’s nest will be removed and relocated if possible

Why you should use Pestblasters-R-Us!


    Pestblasters-R-Us are dedicated to providing all its customers a highly professional service. We take the time to listen to you. Then to look at the problem areas, before putting together an action plan. We will talk you through how we will deal with your problem, let you know what part you will need to play, if any. We will then go about the job, professionally and efficiently, with minimum disruption to you. Why not check out some of our testimonials to see what others have said about Pestblasters-R-Us.
  • SAFE

    Pestblaster-R-Us only uses products that are safe in your home. Our qualified technicians will discuss our recommended solution / treatment with you before any work begins. We will take great care to ensure that our products are strategically places for maximum effectiveness to the problem with minimum risk to you the client. Our technicians will cover and protect all furniture, items or property that need covering during any spraying.

    Pestblaster-R-Us Technicians are all qualified with the industry approved HASNO COMPLIANCE. Our Technicians have years of working experience in dealing with a wide range of pest problems. No matter what your problem, Pestblasters-R-Us has a qualified experienced technician to deal with it

    Pestblasters-R-Us don’t drive around in the flash 4-wheel drives. We don’t have the big flash office in the high end of town. We don’t have the fancy advertising agency and we don’t talk the bull pest talk. What that means is you don’t have to pay for all the above and we do exactly as we say. This makes us very reliable, very competitive and very affordable. We also offer Senior Citizen discounts.