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Samples of what our customers have said:

"I have been using Pestblastersrus for 18 months now to initially deal with wasps then moving on to water rats, house flies, ants and most recently a rogue opossum. I have found Paul to be very knowledgeable and helpful in dealing these household vermin. Paul is quick to respond, has very competitive rates and I'd certainly recommend him to deal with any household pests ( kids excluded )."
Mike Oughton Remuera
"We have used your service on a number of occassions at two locations. We find the treatment lasts more than three months and sometimes even 6 months and when the bugs are on their backs but not dying we call you again as we know what a great service you offer. Not only are you reliable and reasonable, but you take the extra effort to do a thorough job, such as the letterbox where cockroaches may hide. We really like that your treatment is environment friendly and it works like you say it does. Thank you for a great service."
"It was the weekend, and we needed a pest exterminator in a hurry! We discovered a busy wasp nest, and had organised a kids birthday party in our garden that afternoon. After ringing a few names from the Yellow Pages, we got to Paul, of Pestblasters-R-Us. He was on the road to another job, but understood our dilemma, and reorganized his day. In a couple of hours, the wasps were gone, the party started, and Paul was on his way to his next job. A great result! Thank you,"
Marcus and Jane.
"Paul from Pestblasters R Us quickly and effiiciently treated a large wasp nest in the roof of our house. He also killed a very large overwintering wasp nest in a bank that was a source of wasps throughout the year. We are very grateful to be so free of wasps. A great team to deal with!"
"To eliminate the bugs & insercts from coming inside this summer, we contracted the services of Pestblaster's R US to bug spray our premises. We found the treatment most successful and were impressed with Pestblaster's R US's professionalism and organizational abilities. They took care of everything so the only thing to do was to vacate the premises for a couple of hours to let the spray settle. Pestblasters R US's staff was very knoweldgeable and demonstrated great communication skills. We would highly recommend Pestblasters R US as a company to solve any of your pest problems. Regards"
Ian Mist - Netsec Limited
"My wife and I recently had an infestation of mice in our Howick, Auckland home and we contacted Paul (through yellow pages) on 28th February, 2013 for assistance. Paul arrived promptly and was most helpful in his professional advice. We were going on holiday 2 days later and the problem was still there. Paul took over in our absence and looked after our interests so that when we returned 2 weeks later we found a mouse free home. Whilst we had been away Paul kept in touch by telephone and email In our dealings with Paul, personally and by communication, I found him to be very professional and respectful ( we are somewhat elderly), he was clean cut and well spoken. Pauls' fees were reasonable I would also mention his wife whom I spoke to several times by telephone and found her to be extremely helpful. For further information please feel free to ring me 09 5355414"
Brian N Middleton